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Neue Schwebebahn Generation
The New Monorail Generation is now officially in Service.
Having a little fun with Photoshop.
(Part 15)

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Big Dig

Big Dig in Wuppertal
The Big Dig in downtown Wuppertal has begun. We will see how expensive this is going to get and how long it will take.


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10 years ago I suggested the conversion of former train tracks to a nature path.

How about having a look at options for the Wupper river ?

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October 24th, 1900
The german Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife went for a ride in the then new schwebebahn. The train used, the "Kaiserwagen", is still in use today!

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I get lots of inquiries about the "Kaiserwagen". Time tables, Fare, How to get married in it (Yes, you can!). But I have not been in my home town for some 27 years and therefore do not have these answers :-)
But these friendly Folks do :
City of Wuppertal Phone (0202) 569-5260

International connection

Kaamal from the Philippines.

The Green Machine !

Rising Oil Prices and Global Warming are in the news every day. We, as a society, finally begin to realize that we have to start thinking green a bit more if we do not want to leave our children with the inheritance of a Global Disaster.

The Schwebebahn, over 100 years old, is a nice example on how you can have green technology in public transportation that works in every day life! All electric, the trains do not pollute the city environment like a city bus, taxis etc. Yes, producing the electricity creates pollution, but it will not be in the crowded city center as the power plants can be located more remotely. Also, producing energy in bulk (electric or otherwise) tends to be more efficient than creating it in a number of small and inefficient combustion engines.

And not all the systems electricity comes from an earth bound power plant to begin with! At least one of the Stations ("Adler Brücke", the "Eagles Bridge") has numerous solar panels on the roof; enough to power the station !

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

are often put out of business during snow storms in the western parts of Germany. However, the Monorail keeps on running as if nothing has happened! If you travel 30 feet in the air it is hard to become 'snowed in' or get stuck in traffic :-)

Walmart and Wuppertal?

What could Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, and the City of Wuppertal possibly have in common?

Well, it so happens that the German headquarter of Walmart was located right in the center of the city in walking distance to the Schwebebahn station "Landgericht" (translated "Courthouse").
A convenient location as it turns out considering the legal problems Walmart experienced. Expensive lesson learned; all the power in the world can not make you succeed if you can not or do not want to understand the local situation, customs and laws ( reminds you of Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, doesn't it? ).

Glanzstoff Hochhaus
Office Tower

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Why Wuppertal?

Or better to ask, what is the purpose of this site?

If we travel, we have certain expectations of our destination. Sunny beaches, historic sites, old buildings, museums or whatever your fancy may be.
It's like visiting Paris or New York. Not everybody travels there to see the Eiffel tower or the Statue of Liberty. I, for instance, like the food. Both the french food and, don't laugh, the typical New York style hot dog from a street vendor right next to Times Square. It is the atmosphere, the honking of the cabbies, the smell of exhaust, gasoline and the dog with everything in my hand.

OK, back to earth. I have travelled quite a bit and found that every place, no matter how godforsaken, has something interesting to offer. You just have to discover it. Even if you ever find yourself stuck in a place called "Truth Or Consequences" (no kidding), have your camera ready as you may find some things worth capturing for the ages.

Now, for those of you who are planning a trip to Germany, I want to offer you some info and background on a place away from the typical tourist places. Yes, Bavaria, Munich, the Black Forest and the Alps are nice, but there is far more to see in Germany than that.

Wuppertal is a rather unique city in many aspects. If you are looking for a bustling Metropolis with a wild nightlife or over the top dining, sorry. Wrong town. Hamburg or Berlin would be a better choice.

But if you are interested in Nature, Architecture, Technology or History; this is an interesting place to put on your itinerary.

May I suggest youy start with the Search of the photo album? Here you will get a first idea of the different things you can find in and around the city.

Zoo Station

Watch out !

Schwebebahnstadt Wuppertal
Not too many cities in the world need this kind of warning sign! (The Text advises that a permit is needed to do certain work around the Monorail)

This site is dedicated to the Schwebebahn Monorail and the city that has been its home for over 100 years.

How well does a Monorail work as means for public transportation?
If you thought of a Monorail as an Amusement Park ride like the one used at Disney World, think again! Ask anyone in the city and they will tell you that the Schwebebahn works extremely well! Rain or shine, even snow and rush hour traffic won't stop this Monorail.

Wuppertal is one of the most underrated metropolitan areas in Germany; a city with a Land Area larger than San Francisco. Unbelievable !

Wuppertal, Dallas, San Francisco... what do they have in common ?
Quite a few things, besides the fact that your webmaster lived in all of them. Check back once in a while and I'll tell you more !

Fliegendes Sparschwein

Planning a vacation or business trip to Germany?
The City of Wuppertal, the 'Bergische Land' hill country and the Schwebebahn monorail should be on your itinerary! This former industrial center of Germany has a lot to offer. Over 4,000 historical sites, Opera, Symphony hall, one of the most beautiful Zoos in Germany and more.

Joke of the Day

Underweight Baby

A young woman brings a very young and skinny baby to the doctor's office. She explained, "The baby seems to be ailing. Instead of gaining weight, he lost three ounces this week."
She was told to go into an examination room and wait for the doctor. He comes in and examines the baby, then asks the woman, "Is he breast fed or on the bottle?"
"Breast fed." she says.
"Well, strip down to your waist." he orders.
She does. He squeezes both breasts, massages them, pinches both nipples, and then began powerfully sucking on one nipple. Finally he announces, "No wonder this baby is hungry, you don't have any milk." "Naturally," she says, "I'm his aunt, but I sure am glad I came in today."

Quote of the Day
UNIX is like a well appointed kitchen. Windows is more like a kitchen full of breadmachines and other Shopping Channel specialized tools. Which would a cook rather use?
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