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The Schwebebahn (Monorail) in Wuppertal

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Are you planning a vacation trip to Europe or travel to Germany?

Well, besides Hamburg, Munich or Berlin there is another city you may want to consider as a stop on your itinerary. The city of Wuppertal!
Nearly 1000 years old, this historic city is home to one of the most unusual public transportation systems in the world. The Schwebebahn is definitely something you have to see and experience !
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The Schwebebahn is a monorail that was build over 100 years ago. If you think that it therefore must be some sort of tourist attraction you are wrong. This monorail is used as a serious means of public transportation; moving over 20 Million passengers per year and of course a number of tourists as well.
The Schwebebahn monorail is all electric, very safe, economic, kinda cool especially for something built over 100 years ago !
The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn is located in a city called Wuppertal ( The German San Francisco ) in the hill country of West Germany near Cologne and the Rhein river.

This website will show you:

Enough talk, come on in and experience the Schwebebahn - Monorail for yourself. Or even better, next time you are in Germany take a ride on the oldest operational monorail in the world, the 'Wuppertaler Schwebebahn' !

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